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If you want to send a picture for inclusion on this page, please remember to keep file sizes reasonable, in GIF or JPG format. And make sure you include your name and any URL that you want to go under your picture.

(Note: some of these pictures are uncredited due to my hard drive being wiped earlier in the year. If you want your name under there, let me know! And if your work isn't here, it will be soon.)


Special guest wallpapers of a very high standard (all 1024x768):

Mike Todd

Marty Whitmore

Marty Whitmore

Mike Rosenzweig
Fenris Mike Todd Bobbins Christmas Competition entries are here.

Greg Stephens (Zwol)
Pixelfish Neil G Donal Fall

Halloween 2000 competition winners:

J. Grant


Valerie Kaplan
And the runners up, which were all nearly as good as the winners:

James Huckaby

Jonathan Norburg


Rebecca Chaney

David Parsons

Valerie Kaplan (again)

Keith Lawrence

Rudi Gunther

Robb Tanner

Jeff Rowland

Dave 'The Knave'

Jeff Rowland

Keith Lawrence


Dave Kelly


Iain Hamp

Chris Crosby

Aaron Holm

James Huckaby