Bobbins chronicles the continuing adventures of the staff of City Limit magazine, their friends and acquaintances, and the general population of Tackleford, a city somewhere in the North of England. Here are the cast:

Tim Jones

Though ostensibly a music writer, Tim is rarely in the office, busy as he is with his inventions and abominable musical side projects. His greatest creation, the beautiful Unit Daisy, almost led to his death when Red Robot fought him for her hand.

Shelley Winters

An innocent country girl and talented young writer, Shelley frequently finds herself as her housemate Fallon's stooge.

Shelley lost her longtime sweetheart Bruno when she left for the city and has struggled to find anybody as enormous and stupid since.

Fallon Young

Dangerous, sexy and alluring, Fallon is a super-spy without compare and the mistress of the chinese burn.

In between spying missions, Fallon uses her devilish intellect to cook up hare-brained pastimes and moneymaking schemes.

Rich Tweedy

Rich is City Limit's designer. He's never met the right woman, but he's met the wrong one many times, so at least his life is never dull.

Who can forget his epoch-making flings with Amy and Shelley? Well, Rich is still trying to.

Len Pickering

City Limit's longtime (and lecherous) editor Len left under a cloud of mental disquiet when his favourite, Holly, left the magazine. Recently recovered, Len always believes he looks a little like Tom Selleck, hence his pursuit of starlet Drew Barrymore.

Amy Chilton

Amy is Len's daughter from his second marriage, and is as spoilt as a twenty-year old girl can be.

Concerning herself mainly with thoughts of maintaining sexy indie cred, Amy is at least loyal to her father, protecting his massive, fragile ego when she can.

Elliot Schlesinger

City Limit's tech support is a mystery within an enigma. His macho posturing at odds with his talent for dressmaking and sewing, Elliot is clearly a man fighting inner demons.

Illeanna Godmundsdottir

Tim's girlfriend for a considerable time, pixieish Icelander Illeanna also had a very cosy relationship with Rich.

Illeanna recently returned to Iceland..

Van Dyke Jones

Tim's younger brother is a musical genius, recently returning from roaming the Himalayas in search of Holly West. He idolises his brother, yet cannot help but upstage him. Now occupies Shelley and Fallon's attic.

Holly West

A veteran of many advenures on City Limit magazine, Holly left the magazine to be with Van Dyke Jones. Shelley's original housemate is lost in the Himalayas, possibly forever.

Ryan Beck

Americana-loving barfly friend of Tim's who dispenses bleary-eyed advice on matters of the heart. Manages a small Tackleford record shop.

Tessa Davies

Claire's student sister, works in Tim's local, the Ragged Stoat. Closing time lust-object of Tim, Rich, Ryan.

Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte

Tessa's best friend and fellow student-barmaid. Offers a friendly ear to the Ragged Stoat's patrons, then mocks them mercilessly.

Vicki Earp

Cute but psychotic young girl with a crush on Tim. Very evil.

Bill Tweedy

When Len Pickering's brain failed, original City Limit editor Bill Tweedy came out of the nursing home to the rescue, and has been known to manage 30 minutes consistently awake during a working day.

Nonetheless, his reassuring presence was a big relief after Pickering's maverick, farm animal-obsessed leadership style.

Unit Daisy

Wide-eyed and naive but sexually overdriven, Unit Daisy was designed as the perfect woman for Rich, but instead fell for Tim, causing him a lot of trouble. Daisy was impounded by the government but managed to make her escape. Her current location: unknown.

Red Robot #C-63

Human crushing automaton who came to claim the hand of Unit Daisy via Exploding Dog and Diesel Sweeties.

Claire Davies

Bill Tweedy's former PA, who married a terrorist and ended up on the run. Her tea-making skills are sadly missed.

Sergei Chavez

Perpetually horny terrorist husband of Claire. Swarthy.

Dr Ned Kelly

Illeanna's ex-boyfriend who tried to win her back by keeping Tim in a coma. Thwarted by Shelley and Fallon.