Download the Bobbins Pet Sounds wallpaper, lovingly crafted by me, and available in 800x600 and 1024x768 flavours! Just right-click on the image, select "set as wallpaper" and gaze upon your comic idols in glorious Pastiche-O-Rama.

Fans of Bobbins exotica might enjoy the Fallon Catsuit wallpaper (1024x768 only) or Amy in her best raver chic (1024x768, 800x600). Traditionalists would be well advised to download the Bobbins 2001/2 cast wallpaper (1024x768, 800x600).

Bobbins History

The heartwarming story of a young man's struggle to draw good. Features the Bobbins characters in never-before-seen art from 1994-98, and some self-deprecating text!

Bobbins Forum

Say your piece on any subject that crosses your mind, just so long as it isn't the size of the characters' hands.

Charts (New!)

In a frenzy of listing, enjoy my albums of the year for every year 1990-2000. And now revel in my Chart Of The Year 2001


Download the Bobbins desktop icons in PC format or Mac

Coming soon(ish, if ever)

More mind numbing lists from my brain, plus the start of the Bobbins sketchbook, with scribbling, doodling, flim-flam and all the usual googly-moogly!