1994 Quasi-abstract juvenalia / impressionism 06

are the actual first drawings of the Bobbins characters. They stem from the two months that I though Image comics were okay, and rilly cool.

As you can see, they all have super powers! Rich has the power to pick his nose with his whole hand, Holly could stand in front of graffiti, Elliot could generate the colour yellow, Larry (more on Larry later) - , hell knows, maybe his incredibly 80s waistcoat gave him some advantage, Kirsty was afflicted with terrible BO and Shelley had some wickedy-ass spiky glove thing. This may be me lying.

I did actually develop them into a comic book, the pages of which are "tragically" lost. The one remaining page is reproduced here (in part) - as you can see, at this point I had left Image behind and was now heavily influenced by Sergio Aragones. If only "influenced by" meant the same this "as one millionth as good as".

The final picture is an example of my incredible modesty at the time.